Welcome to Magic Dumpling Entertainment!

Magic Dumpling Entertainment is an animation development company incorporated in Beijing, Taipei and Los Angeles. Magic Dumpling creates entertaining stories and appealing characters for family audiences around the world. Our company is staffed and managed by a seasoned team of Chinese and American animation professionals, led by Disney Animation veteran Kevin Geiger. Magic Dumpling’s in-house team is complemented by an advisory board comprised of distinguished figures in the U.S. and Chinese animation and media industries.

Magic Dumpling Entertainment provides world-class animation development in two areas: animation content development and animation business development.

In the area of content development, Magic Dumpling develops high-quality original animation franchises for international family audiences – combining the development, production & distribution experience of Hollywood with the artistic talent, production capacity and market potential of mainland China and Taiwan. Magic Dumpling creates its own animation content for traditional & new media distribution, and is a qualified co-production partner for Western studios, with the access & insight required to navigate the Chinese animation markets. In addition to developing its own properties, Magic Dumpling also provides content creation services to third-party clients.

In the area of business development, Magic Dumpling provides animation business seminars & services through The Jade Bridge Group, helping Chinese studios to capitalize on evolving trends, produce world-class work and market that work profitably on the global stage. For Western studios, Magic Dumpling ensures quality production sourcing in mainland China and Taiwan through professional animation training, studio efficiency assessments, qualified referrals, onsite supervision and “boots on the ground” producing services.

Magic Dumpling Entertainment… creating stories for the global family.

Contact: info@magicdumpling.com


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