“Dr. Sun” Animated Feature Film Announced in Taipei

The 3D animated feature film “Dr. Sun” was announced at a press conference in Taipei today.

The press conference venue in Taipei.

“Dr. Sun” tells the story of Sun Yat-sen and his revolutionary colleagues’ successful struggles to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in 1911 and usher in a modern era for the Chinese people, highlighting the personal dramas within the epic events.

The "Fantastic Five".

An animated teaser and character Facebook pages were unveiled during the press conference, along with a commendation from Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou.

A commendation from Ma Ying-jeou is presented to reporters.

Chief planner Elmer Feng, a respected cross-straight statesman, said:

“We hope to present the tremendous courage of Sun Yat-sen in the pursuit of his dream. People today might feel too distant from the lives of the youths in the revolution. We hope to reignite interest in the history of that time, and let audiences experience the passion of the revolutionaries.”

“Dr. Sun” executive producer Kevin Geiger, formerly of The Walt Disney Company, and director Li-wei Chiu spoke of their hopes for the film to engage Chinese youth in a fresh way, and for the characters to “come alive” on social media and digital applications.

Executive producer Kevin Geiger

Director Li-wei Chiu

Noted composer Eric Lin is attached to the project, and popular Chinese actors and pop stars are being approached to contribute their vocal talents.

Magic Dumpling Entertainment is currently developing the project, which is being produced in cooperation with Studio2 Animation Lab.

Magic Dumpling VP of Development Wen Feng with President & CEO Kevin Geiger.

For more on the press conference, see the CNTV online article and video clip.



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