Cartoons On The Bay Pulcinella Awards 2011

Cartoons on the Bay

Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger participated on the Pulcinella Awards jury at the 2011 edition of Cartoons on the Bay in Rapallo, Italy.

Rapallo, Italy

At the invitation of Artistic Director Roberto Genovesi, the 5-person international jury consisted of Michael Carrington (Chief Content Officer, Turner Broadcasting System EMEA), Kevin Geiger (President & CEO, Magic Dumpling Entertainment), Jeff Gomez (President & CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment), Annalisa Liberi (Children’s Acquisitions & Editions, RAI) and Aida Queiroz (Festival Director, Anima Mundi).

Roberto Genovesi

Michael Carrington


By decision of the jury, the 2011 Pulcinella Awards were given as follows:

  • Best TV Series for Preschool – “Tinga Tinga Tales” (United Kingdom)
  • Best TV Series for Kids – “Planet Sheen” (United States)
  • Best TV Series for Tweens – “Sym-Bionic Titan” (United States)
  • Best TV Series for Young Adults – “The Tatami Galaxy” (Japan)
  • Best Educational & Social Issues Film – “Made in Chinatown” (Italy)
  • Best Advertising and Promotional Film – “Stupid People Dirty Deeds” (France)
  • Best TV Series Pilot – “Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs” (Australia)
  • Best Interactive Animation – “Halo Reach” (United States)
  • Best Short Film – “The Lost Town of Switez”

In addition, the jury awarded the following special prizes:

  • Best Animated Character – the chicken from the “Fable III” promo (United Kingdom)
  • Best European Animation – “The Little Prince” (France)
  • Best Soundtrack – “The Little Prince” (France)

Also noteworthy was the presentation of the Social King Special Award – a pure audience appreciation prize – to Japan’s “The Tatami Galaxy”.  The Cartoons on the Bay Pulcinella Awards audience gave a special round of applause in support of their colleagues in Japan, none of whom were able to attend the festival in the wake of their nation’s tragedy.

The Cartoons on the Bay jury’s selection of the chicken from the “Fable III” promo as Best Animated Character was the first time in the history of the Pulcinella Awards that this prize was awarded to a games-based character.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and also to the many worthy entrants!


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