Magic Dumpling @ Anima Mundi

Magic Dumpling Entertainment President Kevin Geiger and VP of Development Wen Feng spoke at the 2011 Anima Mundi Forum’s  “Animation for Export” panel in Rio de Janeiro, which presented the experience of producers who have structured their studios towards sustainable business models from which to approach the international animation market.

Kevin Geiger and Wen Feng in the Anima Mundi animation interaction hall.

Wen beats a drum for animation.

Forum pre-game.

“Animation for Export” was the second panel of the forum, held on Wednesday, July 20th at 3pm and chaired by Reynaldo Marchezini of Flamma Films.

Reynaldo Marchezini

Distinguished animation director and professor Becky Bristow shared insights gained over the course of a storied career on the international stage.

Becky Bristow

In the midst of all the activity, Magic Dumpling found time to hang with colleagues such as hometown hero, “Rio” director Carlos Saldanha.

With Carlos Saldanha.

Many thanks to Anima Mundi co-founders Aida Queiroz, Cesar Coelho, Lea Zagury & Marcos Magalhães for their generous invitation and gracious hospitality!

With Cesar Coelho and Aida Queiroz.

Anima Mundi 2011



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