Catching Waves

A veteran surfer was out catching waves one morning when a younger surfer paddled by him, heading for open water.

“Hey, kid!” the veteran called out, “Where the hell are you going?  The swells are right here!”  The younger surfer smiled and said, “I see them, but there’s something bigger coming.  Why don’t you paddle out with me and we’ll ride it in together?”

The older surfer laughed at the upstart.  “There’s nothing out there, kid.  All the action’s right here.  I’ve been surfing these waves for years, and have the trophies to prove it.  Why should I move when everything comes to me?  Come over here and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Thanks,” replied the younger surfer, “but I’m more interested in how it will be done.  You sure you don’t want to come with me?”

The veteran snorted, “If you want to waste your time and energy chasing after bullshit, go ahead.  You clearly know everything.  I’ll be right here doing my thing when reality hits you.”  As if to prove his point, the older surfer promptly caught a nice wave and cruised towards the shore.

The younger surfer looked back for a moment, then turned and paddled out into the open water.

The ocean was perilous.  Each day, the exhausted young surfer was pushed beyond his limits by bad weather, treacherous swells and sharks.  Finally, he finally saw what he was looking for:  a tiny ripple, barely a half-inch high and hardly distinguishable amid the tumult of the ocean.

The surfer got in front of the ripple and began paddling furiously.  Though not strong enough to support his board at first, the ripple quickly grew in breadth and height until it was a decent wave, with the surfer was gliding comfortably on top.  The size and power of the wave multiplied at an astonishing rate.  The young surfer soon found himself riding a massive tsunami, unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

The landscape was changed forever as the tsunami crashed into the shoreline.

The veteran surfer never knew what hit him.


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