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Shanghai Seminars

Magic Dumpling Entertainment President & CEO Kevin Geiger and Head of Development Wen Feng delivered three full days of seminars at Toonmax Media Company, Ltd. on topics ranging from animation development, production, distribution, marketing and transmedia.


Canned Tofu

The “Tofu Boy” cast had a pleasant and productive outing at MIPTV 2012.  As at Filmart in Hong Kong, China was on the forefront of many minds in Cannes.

Present & Future Legends

Magic Dumpling President & CEO was pleased to contribute to two properties on the Hong Kong Filmart trade show floor: as consultant to China’s first animated 3D stereoscopic feature film “Legend of a Rabbit”, and as producer with partner Steven Ching (Agogo Corporation) on China’s next hot property: “Tofu Boy”.

Gung Ho In Zhengzhou

Amid a rising tide of excitement among aspiring Chinese animation artists regarding the future of China’s media industry, Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger gave a series of lectures in Zhengzhou at the Huayu Brothers Animation School, the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry School of Art & Design, and the Zhengzhou Institute of Science & Technology.

The Huayu Brothers “Buddy” animation experience zone is up and running, complete with areas for children to participate in 2D, 3D, stop-motion and live-action filmmaking, as well as audio recording and post-production.

Magic Dumpling Brings Stereoscopic Expertise to China

BEIJING – Magic Dumpling Entertainment President & CEO Kevin Geiger has accepted an invitation to serve as resident foreign consultant to the China 3D Film & TV Association, an organization commissioned with setting standards for stereoscopic production and exhibition by China’s State Administration of Radio, Film & Television (SARFT).

Of his appointment, Mr. Geiger said:

I am honored to play a role in shaping the quality of the world’s second-largest and fastest-growing stereoscopic market.  Access to the Association’s 4k DLP stereo screening room and the world-class Tianjin high-speed render farm, combined with the story value of our properties such as TOFU BOY, will provide Chinese entertainment experiences of international technical and creative quality.  It’s an exciting time to be in China, as China takes its place on the world stage.

See C21Media and Animation Magazine for related articles.

Magic Dumpling Partners With Guangdong Design Base

Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger participated in the opening ceremony of the Shunde Comic and Animation R&D Center, a cooperative venture between the Guangdong Industrial Design City and the Beijing Film Academy.

Situated in Guangdong province, the manufacturing epicenter of the world, the Shunde Comic and Animation R&D Center is a new facility dedicated to the development of high quality ancillary animation products.

Members of Magic Dumpling Entertainment, the Beijing Film Academy and the Guangdong Industrial Design City were joined by regional & local officials for the ribbon cutting ceremony and inaugural addresses.

With its partners at the Shunde base, Magic Dumpling Entertainment will co-develop original product lines related to its slate of transmedia properties, beginning with the “Tofu Boy” franchise.

Kevin Geiger commented to Chinese reporters:  “Magic Dumpling’s partnership with the Shunde Comic and Animation R&D Center is an important aspect of our company’s transmedia strategy.  It’s great to be in business in China’s entrepreneurial south, where most of the world’s toys are made, and rewarding to play a role in China’s transition from manufacturing powerhouse to brand originator.”

“Tofu Boy” Director Sun Lijun remarked:  “The opening of the Shunde facility is an important step forward in China’s continued development across all areas of the animation industry, from theatrical presentation to the derivative products.  As Kevin said in his speech this afternoon, the same emotions that drive the animated content must drive the development of related merchandise.”

The Sun Continues to Rise

"Dr. Sun" executive producer Kevin Geiger addresses a collective Taiwanese and Japanese audience alongside "Dr. Sun" director Li-wei Chiu of Studio2.

Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger addressed a collective audience of Taiwanese and Japanese attendees & press at the International Digital Content Conference in Taipei, hosted by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry and the Japanese Research Institute.

MOU signing among Studio 2, Zhongshan Media, TV Tokyo and Shirogumi Inc.

The conference kicked off with an MOU signing ceremony for the “Dr. Sun” animated feature & derivative media projects, among “Dr. Sun” producer Zhongshan Media & production company Studio2 of Taiwan, and Shirogumi Inc. & TV Tokyo of Japan.

Kevin Geiger delivers his presentation "Opportunities for Animation Media in Mainland China".

During the afternoon forum sessions, Kevin Geiger delivered a presentation on “Opportunities for Animation Media in Mainland China”, which included his “Top Ten Tips for Doing Business in China”.

Signing a commemorative bottle with Tom Oki, General Manager of TV Tokyo's International Strategy Division.

The full day of activity closed with a banquet to celebrate new partnerships in international co-production.

Subsequent news coverage was widespread, especially in Japan where NHK did a rare one-and-a-half-minute entertainment report and other news outlets picked up on the story:

Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun…

Mainichi Shinbun…