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Shanghai Seminars

Magic Dumpling Entertainment President & CEO Kevin Geiger and Head of Development Wen Feng delivered three full days of seminars at Toonmax Media Company, Ltd. on topics ranging from animation development, production, distribution, marketing and transmedia.


Kung Food (功夫菜)

Director Sun Lijun and Tofu Boy

As reported in Variety, Magic Dumpling Entertainment has attached “Legend of a Rabbit” helmer Sun Lijun to direct the animated 3D film “Tofu Boy”, a Chinese-themed spin on the Pinocchio tale set in modern-day Shanghai.

Magic Dumpling is developing the project from a screenplay by writers Yi Yan & Wen Feng with producer Kevin Geiger, formerly of the Walt Disney Company.

“Tofu Boy” is planned for a holiday 2013 release.




A Visit From Li Changchun

Beijing Film Academy Animation School Dean Sun Lijun introduces China Propaganda Chief Li Changchun to Magic Dumpling President Kevin Geiger.

Li Changchun, Propaganda Chief of the Communist Party of China, paid a visit to Magic Dumpling President Kevin Geiger’s “Animation Creative Development Seminar” during a visit to the Beijing Film Academy on the afternoon of September 5th, 2011.

Mr. Li, who is the 5th ranked member of China’s Politboro Standing Committee, commended Mr. Geiger on his receipt of the 2011 Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award and expressed his appreciation of Geiger’s collaborative efforts with Beijing Film Academy Animation School Dean Sun Lijun to combine Hollywood development principles & production  techniques with Chinese cultural content.

Kudos For “Chicken”

Wen Feng

Magic Dumpling Entertainment VP of Development Wen Feng received a special award from Beijing Film Academy Animation School Dean & “Legend of a Rabbit” Director Sun Lijun in honor of the accolades garnered by her BFA student team for their animated short film, “Hong” (aka “Chicken in a Tree”).

“Chicken in a Tree” tells the story of two young brothers who are left in the care of their grandmother and must fend for themselves among friends & bullies after their parents leave for work in another city.

The film has screened throughout China, as well as in Europe, Japan and other international territories – collecting awards and audience appreciation along the way.

Congratulations to Ms. Feng and her team of talented young artists!

A Successful “Focus On Chinese Animation”

Focus on Chinese Animation

"Focus on Chinese Animation"

Tuesday’s “Focus on Chinese Animation” program at FMX 2011 was a great success.  The onsite conference turnout was complemented by thousands of online viewers from China and around the world who tuned into the live video stream, nearly bringing down the FMX server.

“Focus on Chinese Animation” host Kevin Geiger presented his overview of Chinese animation past, present and future entitled “China’s Next 90 Minutes”.

Kevin Geiger

Kevin Geiger, Magic Dumpling

Li-wei Chiu gave his take on the animation environment in Taiwan, noting its history & characteristics, and anticipating its future.

Liwei Chiu

Li-wei Chiu, Studio2

James Wang delighted the audience with his personal “living history” of animation greats, and enlightened the room with his candid take on the mainland Chinese animation business environment.

James Wang

James Wang, Wang Film

Wen Feng presented Magic Dumpling Entertainment’s approach to character development, from China for the world.

Wen Feng

Wen Feng, Magic Dumpling

The speakers convened at the end of the program for an open discussion with the audience on the future of Chinese animation.

We wish to thank our friends at the FMX for their enthusiastic support of this program.

“Focus on Chinese Animation” @ FMX 2011

Focus on Chinese Animation

The “Focus on Chinese Animation” program returns for its third year at the FMX 2011 Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media on May 3rd, 2011.

Speakers include Wen Feng & Kevin Geiger from Magic Dumpling, Liwei Chiu from Studio2, James Wang from Wang Film and Ming Chang from 37 Digital.

The Middle Kingdom is in the middle of an animation revolution.  Come and see how the other 25% of the world lives!

Held each year in Stuttgart concurrent with the Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart (ITFS), the FMX is Europe’s primary event for international experts in animation, effects, games and interactive media.  The 2011 FMX conference officially commences on May 3rd, 2011 and ends on May 6th, 2011.

Sun Yat-sen Animated Feature Film In Development

Magic Dumpling Entertainment is currently developing an animated feature film based on the successful struggles of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his team of revolutionary colleagues to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and usher in a modern era for the Chinese people.

The film, with the working English title of “Dr. Sun”, is slated for a late-2011 release. Click below for the story appearing in Taiwan’s United Daily News…

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