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China’s Animation Gold Rush

As reported by Clifford Coonan in Variety…

At the government level, animation is generally regarded as a growth industry, initially approached like any other domestic manufacturing endeavor, but now viewed as a means of extending China’s soft power internationally,” says Kevin Geiger, a former Disney CG supervisor and co-founder of Beijing-based Magic Dumpling and who has advised the Chinese government on its toon policy.  “At the investor level, there is a ‘gold rush’ mentality towards animation.”

Magic Dumpling is working on “Dr. Sun,” an animated feature about historical icon Sun Yat-sen, that’s a Taiwan-China co-production.  The company is also developing the “Tofu Boy” transmedia franchise, centered on a feature-length toon that is part Pinocchio and part SpongeBob…

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Saturday is Sun-day

Zhonghua Zhongshan Media’s Dr. Elmer Fung, Chief Planner of the “Dr. Sun” animation project developed by Magic Dumpling Entertainment, appeared at the 11th Annual Beijing Film Academy Awards on Saturday to present a commendation to “Dr. Sun” producer & BFA Animation School dean Sun Lijun.

Dr. Fung and Mr. Sun announced the formation of a charity to ensure that screenings of the “Dr. Sun” animated feature film will be made available to rural Chinese across the mainland.

During his Beijing trip, Dr. Fung met with SARFT Vice-minister Jin Delong, who expressed his appreciation of the goals of the “Dr. Sun” project.

The Sun Continues to Rise

"Dr. Sun" executive producer Kevin Geiger addresses a collective Taiwanese and Japanese audience alongside "Dr. Sun" director Li-wei Chiu of Studio2.

Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger addressed a collective audience of Taiwanese and Japanese attendees & press at the International Digital Content Conference in Taipei, hosted by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry and the Japanese Research Institute.

MOU signing among Studio 2, Zhongshan Media, TV Tokyo and Shirogumi Inc.

The conference kicked off with an MOU signing ceremony for the “Dr. Sun” animated feature & derivative media projects, among “Dr. Sun” producer Zhongshan Media & production company Studio2 of Taiwan, and Shirogumi Inc. & TV Tokyo of Japan.

Kevin Geiger delivers his presentation "Opportunities for Animation Media in Mainland China".

During the afternoon forum sessions, Kevin Geiger delivered a presentation on “Opportunities for Animation Media in Mainland China”, which included his “Top Ten Tips for Doing Business in China”.

Signing a commemorative bottle with Tom Oki, General Manager of TV Tokyo's International Strategy Division.

The full day of activity closed with a banquet to celebrate new partnerships in international co-production.

Subsequent news coverage was widespread, especially in Japan where NHK did a rare one-and-a-half-minute entertainment report and other news outlets picked up on the story:

Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun…

Mainichi Shinbun…

Revolution Radio

Magic Dumpling Entertainment’s President Kevin Geiger and Head of Development Wen Feng discussed development & production of the 3D animated feature film, “Dr. Sun” as part of Beijing Radio774’s Xinhai Revolution anniversary week programming.

The interview aired October 6th on Beijing Radio AM 774’s “Talk Box” segment, and is available online in the 2011-10-06 Talk Box archive post at www.am774.com

“Dr. Sun” tells the story of Sun Yat-sen and his revolutionary colleagues’ successful struggles to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in 1911 and usher in a modern era for the Chinese people, highlighting the personal dramas within the epic events.

For more on “Dr. Sun” in Chinese, check out the article in the September 20th issue of Want Daily.

Journey To The East

From Magic Dumpling Entertainment’s main development office in Beijing’s Central Business District, Magic Dumpling President & CEO Kevin Geiger chats candidly with Beijing Radio Corporation’s Radio 774 about his transition from CGI special effects to animation producing, his move from Hollywood to China, his team’s work at Magic Dumpling Entertainment, his high hopes for Chinese animation and his love of Beijing noodles.

“Dr. Sun” Animated Feature Film Announced in Taipei

The 3D animated feature film “Dr. Sun” was announced at a press conference in Taipei today.

The press conference venue in Taipei.

“Dr. Sun” tells the story of Sun Yat-sen and his revolutionary colleagues’ successful struggles to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in 1911 and usher in a modern era for the Chinese people, highlighting the personal dramas within the epic events.

The "Fantastic Five".

An animated teaser and character Facebook pages were unveiled during the press conference, along with a commendation from Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou.

A commendation from Ma Ying-jeou is presented to reporters.

Chief planner Elmer Feng, a respected cross-straight statesman, said:

“We hope to present the tremendous courage of Sun Yat-sen in the pursuit of his dream. People today might feel too distant from the lives of the youths in the revolution. We hope to reignite interest in the history of that time, and let audiences experience the passion of the revolutionaries.”

“Dr. Sun” executive producer Kevin Geiger, formerly of The Walt Disney Company, and director Li-wei Chiu spoke of their hopes for the film to engage Chinese youth in a fresh way, and for the characters to “come alive” on social media and digital applications.

Executive producer Kevin Geiger

Director Li-wei Chiu

Noted composer Eric Lin is attached to the project, and popular Chinese actors and pop stars are being approached to contribute their vocal talents.

Magic Dumpling Entertainment is currently developing the project, which is being produced in cooperation with Studio2 Animation Lab.

Magic Dumpling VP of Development Wen Feng with President & CEO Kevin Geiger.

For more on the press conference, see the CNTV online article and video clip.